Join our Challenge group and take the first step to getting Healthy & Fit



What could YOU accomplish if you had:
✔️30 min at-home workouts (NO gym required!)
✔️Meal plan 


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I am running a special Health Bet challenge group for the entire contest period with my team of coaches.  We start September 5th and run through October 2nd.  So you will not only earn the Beachbody Health Bet payout, but you’ll also get my personal support and accountability, along with that of my entire team and everyone that chooses to join them as well!  No social media like Facebook required, and if you choose to remain completely private in the challenge and log your workouts and Shakeology pics for just me as your coach and Beachbody to see, that’s great.  You’ll still see the group feed for inspiration and I’ll be here cheering you on while working on my own goals (and cash)!

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EV-2This group is a 30 day access to stream HUNDREDS of Beachbody workout programs on your tablet, smartphone, laptop and TV(with Chromecast) anytime, anywhere!!

Together we will get Summer ready right from the comfort of our Livingrooms #NoGymRequired

* Access to 100’s of Workouts (P90X, Insanity, TurboKick, ChaLEAN
Extreme and more)
* Nutrition Guide / Weekly Menus
* Recipes
* Accountability & Support
* 30 Days of Shakeology

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It’s that TIME – this month it’s all about springing you into ACTION— like a healthy superhero with our Next 21 Day Fix Support Group

What to Expect:
* Menu/Recipes 21 day fix Approved
* Bonus Challenge Each Day
* Planks and Pushups Challenge
* Daily Food Log Accountability
* Prizes & More

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Join our Challenge FREE 14 Day Clean Eating Group and take your  first step to getting Healthy & Fit

“Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym!”

I’ve always known that to be true! I can take inches off my waist just by cleaning up my diet, so I’m going to run a FREE Healthy Eating Accountability Group

* 14 Days of Clean Eating Recipes/Menu/Shopping List
* NO fitness required – but optional!
* 3 Day Refresh Cleanse optional!

Let’s face it – health and weight is 75-80% about the food you eat and the other 20-25% is exercise. So – it’s time to start making BETTER CHOICES about what you put into your body! Eat like you love yourself and stop abusing your body!

In this challenge I will provide meal plan, recipes, and shopping list along, support, accountability with fun challenges and PRIZES!

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#BODathon Challenge

Rocktober BODathon Challenge

BODathon is a 30 Day fitness event focus on helping you Get Fit & Healthy; One Day & One Workout at a time…. STARTING October 1st.

All the workouts are available online via #BOD #BeachbodyOnDemand along with a full training schedule, nutritional calendar/menu, recipes and more to give you all the tools you need to ROCK this #BODathon Challenge.

BODathon Training Workouts Will Include:

* Body Beast

* P90X

* 21 Day Fix

* Insanity

* ChaLEAN Extreme

For More Information CLICK HERE or Email me at


12002783_10206247819466926_7892092796795886754_n30 Day Get Up and Get Moving Challenge Group

WANTED – 5 – 8 Ladies Looking to Lose more then 15 lbs.

This group is targeted for individuals that have a larger amount of weight to lose but aren’t sure How or Where to start…

No excuses! It’s time to get up and get moving!

For More Information CLICK HERE or Email me at