I hear it all the time “But Rebecca, eating healthy is expensive.” Or, “I can’t afford shakeology.” Well, all I know is, there have been meal replacement shakes for decades but Shakeology supports body in a completely different and sophisticated way. It wasn’t formulated with preservatives or artificial flavors. Unlike other meal replacement shakes that contain chemicals and additives, Shakeology is something that lives up to what my body needs for a daily dose of dense nutrition. It doesn’t only aid in weight loss but it supports the brain, heart, lungs – 11 systems that are interactive in a very complexed way – no “normal” protein shake is going to support all these systems. I want the best possible shake i can get and get a daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology supports body in doing what it needs to do to heal. That’s why i recommend shakeology every single day. What day do you want to have your body have a day off from fighting disease, blasting fat and becoming irregular? I wouldn’t sell yourself short and I definitely want to put the best thing in to my body. Everyone deserves to have their body operate at peak performance. So, at only $4/day for the healthiest meal of the day, I feel like that’s doable and worth it.

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