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Real People Real Results – Yup That’s ME !!!

Long Post Warning – Ok DTS Followers; for those of you that know my story you know that I have struggled for years with Body

Dismorphia coupled with an eating disorder, so posting a pic is totally an out of body experience for me! 

10410781_276949099163604_7929876811513743705_nThe pic attached is from about 2 months ago and the one on the right is from yesterday. I decided to post this as I want you to BELIEVE it is possible to make both physical & mental progress, it just takes time. When I look in the mirror still to this day I usually see something different then others see but for some reason yesterday while getting ready to jump in the shower I saw PROGRESS. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

P90X + Shakeology = PROGRESS


Laticia’s rock-bottom was when she went to the doctor and weighed in at 165 pounds. She said, “I learned that mycholesterol results were horrific. I needed to change, and FAST! So I started P90X and Shakeology at the same time and immediately starting seeing results.” I hate veggies, but I couldn’t even taste them in Shakeology. After drinking one shake a day for the past 10 months I now have a ton more energy, I’m in a much better mood, and my self-confidence is through the roof. Shakeology is my easiest and most-nutritious meal of the day and there are SO many different recipes to try that they never get boring.”