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Ditch The Scale – Get a Fitness Assessment

Day 9 You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are! Our Fitness Assessments are complimentary and are a great way to really assess your current fitness level in comparison to where you want to be! ‪#‎25DaysofFitness‬10386833_331814883677025_7902283378539375004_n

What is your choice this morning?

What is your choice this morning?10383532_327452147446632_680249452758607949_n

Get Fit Couples Challenge Group

Together Anything is Possible – “Get Fit Couples Challenge Group” starting in January…. Married for years, Newly Married, Newly Engaged or just Dating; If your looking to Get Fit and Lose Some Weight, this Couples Challenge Group is for You…

Getting Fit with a Partner is Proven to increase your Success /Results
You are 2 times more likely to stick to a workout program with a partner!!

COMMENT YES Below to get more information on how to Join our GET FIT AS A COUPLE CHALLENGE GROUP…….

Starting Slow is still Starting

10710738_322379057953941_1454931557014603756_nWhen I made the commitment to join my first challenge group back in April 2014, I had NO IDEA what clean eating was, had NO IDEA what Shakeology was, and was pretty sure that Tony Horton was going to KILL me…. but I had faith… faith in the coach that I had signed up under to inspire me to do great things! And she did, on a daily basis she gave me and the other challengers tips and tricks on meal planning and what clean eating was all about. Now here we are 8 months later and I get the privilege of Hosting a Challenge group just like the one that helped me START, it wasn’t easy but it was soooo worth it. 

Fabtastic Ab Workout

Here is a great little core workout for you!!


Ditch the Word Diet

Day 8: Let’s change the way we think about dieting! ‪#‎25DaysofFitness‬1510993_331814580343722_3142906954479061072_n

Push yourself – believe in yourself – you can do it!10690262_327449107446936_4916049344811637962_n

SLEEP IN – Rest Days

For Day 7 of ‪#‎25DaysofFitness‬, Sleep in! Rest is also an important part of staying healthy.1897724_331814327010414_6622097574730814528_n

Simon Says Do This

Here is another sneak peak of a post from my Little Black Dress Challenge Group!! We are having a blast!!10521965_327470690778111_4906414226398814004_n

Planking for Great Abs

Planking is a great ab exercise! Let us know if you completed Day 6 of ‪#‎25DaysofFitness‬!10368384_331814083677105_2389860175428032846_n

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