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100 Best Workout Songs

There are so many cool Music Play Lists out there that can help ROCK Your Work Out and stay motivated.  This one is from Men’s Health but this DTS Ditch The Scale girl LOVES IT!  Check it out…..

Snow Day Work Out Plans

10 great exercises that you can do at home, and you won’t even need equipment.

winterworkout-635x435Living in Snowy Michigan with what seems like at least 1 School Cancelation every week and small children at home has put a wrench into my daily workout plan.  So I thought I would look around and get you all a list of my top 5 Ditch The Scale at home exercises that will Kick the Snow Day Blues out of your workout schedule.

To make these exercises even more fun, you can blast music in the house while you’re doing them.  Some you can even do while watching TV.

My Ditch The Scale Journey

My Ditch The Scale Journey

cropped-logo1.pngTo really understand where my Ditch the Scale journey begins I would have to take you on a boring and lengthy look back over 30 yrs, so inan effort to not bore you to tears I’ll sum it up and trim the fat. OK it’s Feb 24th and no, this is not a blog about a BelatedNew Years Resolution, but instead it is about a Change of Body, Life and Mind. I am a married, 38 year old mom of 2 and what most would say is of average weight for my age and height, what my doctor would say is Over Weight and what I obsess over daily as just simply FAT. Over the last 10 yrs or in my Scale Obsessed World approximately 9125 weigh in’s, I have weighed in anywhere from 120 lbs. to 142 lbs.  Wow that was weird to type, I can actually say that I have never written or shared my weight with anyone, EVER. I wish I could say that was liberating to share but instead it giving me a panic attach. I make every effort to work out regularly to run and do yoga, but much like the rest of the world I do fall short at times.  Sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a few weeks but I can usually find my way back to the gym with a little help from the scale and of course the voices in my head that are calling me fat and making me hat myself. I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, if you couldn’t already tell I am slightly obsessive about my weight; OK Totally Obsessive. So Why?  Why Now?  Why after all these years did I decide to Ditch The Scale? My Rock Bottom moment recently came while being nosey and listening in on a conversation between a mother and pre-teen daughter standing in front of me in food line at a Disney’s Epcot.  The location wasn’t important but instead what was important was what was said. Mom:  What do you want to eat? Pre Teen Girl: I want the Nacho’s with Cheese and Chili Mom:  How much did youweigh this morning? Pre Teen Girl: no words just a look of sadness Mom:  You are what youeat and Nacho’s with Cheese and Chili is F-A-T   FAT Pre Teen Girl: again no words, just tears As a mom I was in awe of the interaction, my heart was breaking for the young girl.  I stopped for a moment and almost screamed at the mom, but then it hit me…….. While I have never called either of my girls FAT, I suddenly had a barrage of flash backs playing in my mind of the thousands of times I have in fact asked my now 13 year old if she had weighed herself for the day.  The incessant way I regularly remind both of my children how many calories they have consumed for the day and what can happen if they let their eating habits get out of control.  I have even said, I can see that cheeseburger on your butt. I have never claimed to be a perfect mom, but I do my best and it was that very moment that I knew that my obsession with weight was no longer only impacting me but my children, my beautiful daughters. The number on the scale was running my life in a way that I could have never imagined. So here we go……    It won’t be easy and if I am not already crazy I suspect that I will be by the end of this journey, but at the end of this journey I also hope to be a better more fit me and a better more fit example to my daughters. Please follow me on my journey or even join me and create a journey of your own.

Day 2 DTS

DTS Day 2 Getting Ready To set some Ditch The Scale NON weight related goals for this journey – How many times have you set Unrealistic Weight/Fitness Goals??safe_image.php

DTS Day 1

Day 1 of DTS is almost complete and I haven’t bitten anyones head BathroomScalecopyoff just, yet I suspect that mood swings are just around the corner:-) The Scale – It cannot talk, yet it screams my name. Some days it makes me giddy with delight but more often it puts me into a deep depression. It judges me in a way that no one else can, yet I can’t step away.

So the question of the day is WHY? , multiple times a day when it leads us on a roller coaster that’s never any fun?????