Welcome to My Ditch The Scale Journey.  For those of you that are first time visitors I’m Rebecca Westmaas a 40 year old Wife, Mom of 2 Beautiful Daughters, & Eating Disorder Survivor.   Over the last 30+ years or in my Scale Obsessed World approximately 26,000 weigh in’s (yes twenty six thousand), I have weighed in anywhere from 100 lbs. to 142 lbs. I wish I could say that was liberating to share but instead it gives me a panic attach.  I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, if you couldn’t already tell I was slightly obsessive about my weight; OK Totally Obsessive. As far back as I can remember I have struggled with an eating disorder if it wasn’t my not eating, it was hyper analyzing every piece of food and every calorie I put into my mouth. When I wasn’t obsessing about food I did a good job of over obsessing about working out and weighing myself anywhere from 3 – 5 times a day.  I have just never been able to find the right balance to loving myself and finding a Healthy Balance to Life, Fitness and Overall Wellness.

OK don’t start hating on me just yet,  I get it 142 lbs is nothing to FREAK out about but please be clear my Ditch The Scale journey is not about the number on the scale or about whether people think i am FIT, FAT or SKINNY, it’s about what that number has done to me over the years, how it has made me feel and the control it has had over me for way to long.  We all have a number, what I tend to call these days my VANITY Number or that number that sticks in our head of what our ideal weight once was.  My journey is to retrain my brain and start a revolution to measure our Health and Fitness Successes, Journey and Life by more then the number on the scale.

Progress NOT Perfection, I make every effort to work out regularly to run and do yoga, but much like the rest of the world I do fall short at times. Sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a few weeks but I can usually find my way back to the gym with a little help from the scale and of course the voices in my head that are calling me fat and making me hat myself, well that was when I was weighing myself.  No a days I focus on daily progress on improving my mental and physical me through Progress and NOT Perfection, through Accountability and through Helping Others.

So Why? Why after all these years did I decide to Ditch The Scale and finally make the necessary changes for my mental and physical wellness?  Please take an opportunity to view my video; “My Ditch The Scale Journey” and learn more about my ROCK BOTTOM Moment.

So here we go…… I know it won’t be easy and if I am not already crazy I suspect that I will be by the end of this journey, but at the end of this journey I also hope to be a better more fit me and a better more fit example to my daughters.

Please follow me on my journey or even join me and create a journey of your own. Together we will Ditch The Scale, Get in Shape and Find a Healthier way of life.

Our page is perfect for Moms on a Journey for Physical & Mental Wellness, Those that suffer from an Eating Disorder or Survivors trying to Navigate a Life or Motherhood after ED , and ANYONE looking to Break The Trend of Socially Engrained Measurements of Weight and Body Image.  I hope you will Join the Ditch The Scale Revolution and Journey to a Beautiful, Confident and more Empowered YOU!

It’s Not About being Skinny; It’s Not About being Fat; It’s About getting FIT!

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